Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prima Ballerina

Here's the formula: fitted bodice, full skirt, and lots of tulle and taffeta. CC loves these dresses for fall with an open, belted coat.

At left: Valentino in his atelier with model; photo via
Note: Runway photos courtesy unless otherwise noted.

Alexander McQueen

At Givenchy's Spring 2008 show, pictured at right via, even the footwear was ballet-inspired. As a reference, see the studio image above. Ballet studio pic at top of post found and recommended by; go to http://www.rebeccamccarthyschoolofdance/ for original.
Christian Dior Couture lavender party dress
Elie Saab

Elie Saab
Elie Saab

Oscar de la Renta Resort
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta (this and previous 2 images via

Rodarte, via

Ralph Lauren green strapless drop waist dress with velvet bodice and tulle skirt, courtesy
Valentino navy strapless dress

Louis Vuitton brown taffeta gown
Luella Bartley

Ruffian full skirted strapless minidress
Even outerwear is getting in on the Swan Lake action! See this Fendi belted full-skirted coat . . .

CC adores how there is pink tulle pouring out of this Valentino coat! Photo courtesy
Celebs are loving the ballerina look! Just behold Scarlett Johansson wearing Dolce & Gabbana at the Met Costume Institute Gala this spring. Photo via

What's in the stores, you ask? Lovely, tasteful dresses that are fun to wear and incredibly flattering!
Above: Oscar de la Renta black ombré dress.
Right: D&G sweetheart neckline bustier dress with plaid accents
Alexander McQueen short sleeve coat dress - genius!
Carolina Herrera floral jacquard dress
Carolina Herrera full-skirted black cocktail dress
Alice & Olivia red ombré dress
Notte by Marchesa fuchsia flounce hem dress. This and previous six looks all at Bergdorf Goodman New York. Go to to purchase.

Diane von Furstenberg strapless dress. Visit
Giles pale pink silk skirt. Photo via
If some of these shapes and colors remind you of a vintage prom dress, it's no accident! Check out the inspiration: this lovely full-skirted pink taffeta dress from the 1950s is at
Jill Stuart black and white Betsey Dress.
French Connection black ballet neck Lady Empire dress.

Oscar de la Renta saffron floral dress, at
Foley + Corrina Cobalt Hollywood Dress, at
Stand on your tippy toes and practice those pliés, darlings, because the Prima Ballerina trend is hot for fall!

Photo at right via


Lucy said...

such a cute look - the elie saab show made me so happy!!

starbrained said...

These are all so lovely! I love the brown taffeta gown!

Da Fashionista said...

what a post!! you are my fashion blogging goddess. seriously! just linked over to this delicious post. pertains to what i just wrote about. jinx!


the assistant said...

I like the look has a 50's vibe to it.

PS I just relized I haven't linked you yet I'm going to do it right away

Alice said...

I like floral dresses. These from Alexander McQueen is gorgeous!!!

Ps. Great, we can trade links:) I am adding you to my blog roll now:)

Penny said...

I would KILL for that peach Elie Saab dress

♔Jaimie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, dont forget to subscribe. I Love those dresses! That plum rodarte one is off the chain!!!

Blicious said...

i LOVE this post! and i love all looks! your blog is one of my fav! :)

Kira Aderne said...


a kiss!!

Pamcasso said...

oh, love love love. And you posted my most favorite dress of the season, and probably ever, the mcqueen snowflake dress. I might have to start a campaign to see if he'll send me one:)


I love that first pink dress. Have fun with the Tag! :)

Sharon S said...

A fantastic post as usual, Couture Carrie-my fave is the Valentino-most gorgeous!!

Mode Junkie said...

the ballerina looks just inspired me to do one tom for work. haha. just bought a tutu for a skirt i´ve been wanting to wear. thanks! and i love that you put so much effort on one post. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.


Hanne said...

The Oscar de la Renta Resort dress was soooo cute! I would have liked having that in my wardrobe:)

TINA said...

Lovely! So elegant and proper - I liked so many of the dresses, I'm afriaid my comment would go all down the page if I listed all of them! My favorites though, are the purple Dior dress, black Elie Saab dresses, and red and white Oscar de la Renta dress.
They all would look so good with an open-belted coat, just like you said! :)

Stephanie said...

I love the first Elie Saab dress. Gorgeous.

Economy of Style said...

I think I love them all! Gorgeous.

Jackie said...

Those dresses are absolutely beautiful. I've loved those kinds of dresses for the longest time but never bought one. Maybe I really should.

Nice blog!

Mary said...

Love love the one with the bow in the friont best, but I've always had a love of full pink skirts and little satin slippers.

Gosh, I want a pair of ballet shoes.

Yet for some reason.. I hated ballet class. Sigh.

MDS* said...

These are all great!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

love this look...reminds me of that mint green dress carrie wore in the last episode of SATC!

Tricia said...

that first picture is so perfect, I want it on my office wall!

Sam said...

I love the ballerina style! and the Rodarte dress.

Bang Bang Starz said...

great post! loves it! I love the oscar de la renta dress too!!

Star said...

Oooooh I love these dresses! They look like birthday cakes!! You are just so fabulous!

NICOLE said...

such a classic and beautifull silhouette!! flattering on pretty much every womens shape...

ryder said...

first i have to say, that i was looking ur last post i saw miumiu shoes on the right side and they are splendid!!!

blumarine is great, im really happy with it this season. Givenchy-this year is the best show!!! just love it!did they maybe change designer? because i knoe that some shows in the past few years were very much critecized. but this year!...different least for me.
dior-terical and gorgeus as always.
elie saab is my all time favourite. i find him as a second valentino!
oscar de la renta is suprise for me. love this outfits.
rodarte is something im sure we will c on london streets among young people, just with combinations from top shop. :) u will certanly c me in rodarte. words for valentino, except that i love thet he choose a women designer for he made a right choice.

Anonymous said...

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We will add yours directly!

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Anonymous said...

i actually want to comment on the miu miu shoes you posted on the side! ugh they're lovely! i am in love! i love crazy insane shoes!

La Fille said...

I ♥ The black Elie Saab dress & the navy Valentino dress. great post!

Syed said...

All the dresses are sooooo adorable!!!

Bente said...

What a beautiful dresses! I really the most of them.

Calming Corners said...

These are cute I love the coat and pink dress as well. I love the Elie Saab. Great post!

~ CC

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I can't help but think of 'nina pretty ballerina' and now I'll have that song rolling around my head for the rest of the night! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Amazing looks and dresses - love haute Couture and your nice choices!

KATLIN said...

Thanks for letting me know where the necklace was from! It's super cute, but I don't think I'm gonna buy it. Maybe just make it myself instead, gonna have a trip to the bead store this weekend and buy myself a chain!

Unknown said...

great post...

Myriam said...

I love all the dresses oh my

K. said...

its little wonder that ballet is so inspiring- it spins this alternate reality filled with beauty and emotion!! Just like fashion!

Unknown said...

dear Carrie

i am in the rush but i absolutly wanted to thank you for your kind words

of course you can use my photos
check this point in my blog :

i am very glad to know you

and now, i leave, if not my frien won't be happy again

cheers from Paris


erin de la cruz said...

Below are the "winner" outfits:

Ruffian full skirted strapless minidress
Oscar de la Renta saffron floral dress...&
Notte by Marchesa fuchsia flounce hem dress

Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself! I've visited your blog a bunch of times through Diabolina. I love it because there is always sooooo much to see. Eye candy explosion for anyone who loves clothes.

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

The V&R stapled sleeves are such a neat idea. Not sure how they would look practically, but theoretically they're awesome.
I also adore the Gucci.

Shay said...

aw, beautiful! I love all these full puffy skirts to distraction.

Dana (MODAna) said...

the lace trend is freaking me out, not sure I'll get on board.

DANI said...

loove your blogg! some of the dresses are amaazing!